Latest Additions

We are constantly resourcing and manufacturing new products for the Farina range and here we showcase our latest products.

Chrome Bezel-Headlamp New!

Seal-Quarter Light-Front RH

Fan Blade (6 Blade Plastic)

Gaiter-Gear Lever

Bearing + Race - Steering Worm

Plug-Tunnel Access (gearbox)

Camshaft - New

Bulb Holder-Number Plate Lamp

Threshold Plates (Carset of 4)

Pivot Bracket - Accelerator

Bell Crank Lever - Accelerator

Brake Pull-Off Spring-Front

Washer-Pivot Bar

Union-Oil Gauge Connector (New!)

Grille Badge 'Austin'

Badge-Boot Lid Austin

Badge-Boot Lid Morris Oxford

Badge-Boot Lid MG Magnette

Gasket-Boot Lock Handle

Read Road Spring-Heavy Duty

Locktab-Front Back Plate to Stub Axle

LED Bulb Kit - P45T (PAIR)

LED Bulb BA15D Dual White + Amber

LED Bulb BA15S Warm White

LED Bulb BA9S Warm White

LED Bulb BA15S P21W Warm White

LED Bulb BA15S P21W Amber

LED Bulb BA15D P21/5W Red

LED Bulb BA15D P21/5W Warm White

LED Bulb BA7S Warm White

LED Dash Bulb BLUE


LED Dash Bulb RED

LED Dash Bulb Warm White

LED Flasher Unit - Indicators NEGATIVE Earth

LED Flasher Unit - Indicators POSITIVE Earth