Internal Gearbox

Internal Gearbox parts suitable for Austin Cambridge, Morris Oxford, MG Magnette, Riley 4/68, 4/72, Wolseley 15/60 and 16/60

Key-Camshaft + Speedo Gear


Synchro Ring 2nd Gear


Synchro Ring 3rd + 4th Gear


Housing-Mainshaft Bearing (Used)


Laygear Cluster (3 Bearing)


Laygear Cluster (4 Bearing)


First Gear


First Gear and Hub (Used)


Second Gear Assembly


Thrust Washer 2nd Gear


Bush - 2nd Gear


Ring - Interlocking 2nd/3rd Gear


Third Gear Assembly


Bush - 3rd Gear


Ring-Interlock 2/3rd Bush


Front Thrust - Mainshaft (Used)


Reverse Gear Assembly


Selector - Reverse Gear (Used)


Selector 1st/2nd Gear (Used)


Shaft - Reverse Gear (Used)


Sliding Hub 1st + 2nd (Used)


Ball-Sliding Hub


Spring-Sliding Hub


Fork 1st + 2nd Gear (Used)


Sliding Hub + First Gear