Wiper and Washer System parts suitable for Austin Cambridge A55 Mk2/A60, Morris Oxford Series 5/6, MG Magnette Mk3/4, Riley 4/68, 4/72, Wolseley 15/60 and 16/60

Wiper Blade


Wiper Blade


Wiper Arm-LH Park


Wiper Arm-RH Park


Decal Set-TRICO


Decal - Trico Washer 'Crysatl Vision '


Mount Kit-Wiper Motor


Ferrule-Wiper Cable Mount (Used)


Wiper Motor * Exchange *


Tube Assembly-Wiper Rack (Used)


Use L351FB


Inner Cable-Wiper (Replacement)


Wheel Box-Wiper (large) (Used)


Wheel Box-Wiper (Small) (Used)


Grommet-Wiper Cable


Switch-Electric Washer (Optional)


Electric Washer Bottle + Bracket


Washer Bottle+Cap+Foot Valve (Replacement)


Bracket-Windscreen Washer Bottle


Foot Valve-Washer Bottle


Push Pump-Washer (Replacement)


Grommet-Washer Tube/Bulkhead


Tubing-6mm (1/4) Diameter (Metre)


Tubing-5mm (3/16) Diameter (Metre)


Connector-3 Way