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As we have serviced many a customers needs over the years, this page is for those who wish to sell on their cherished vehicle. If you would like some free advertising space please contact me and I will add yours to the list.

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Wolseley 16/60 1964
This car was used only 3 years on British roads with only 5750 miles on the odometer when I acquired the car on a Brooks sale in 1994, were a great part of the Alexander Patrick collection was auctioned.

After a thorough recommission, I used the car until 2004. After a complete restoration in 2016 until now , I want to sell the car; the photo’s included will give a nice impression of his actual condition. The car is not a concours item, with 80% original paintwork, but is overall very tidy and original with a nice patina. All components are dismantled and restored. Now it has only 15790 miles on the odometer. All British paperwork and history are with the car, so it will not be difficult to bring the car back on the road.

Currently residing in the Netherlands - Price £9000

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