Badges & Medallions

Badges and Medallions suitable for Austin Cambridge, Morris Oxford, MG Magnette, Riley 4/68, 4/72, Wolseley 15/60 and 16/60

Engine Number Plate-Blank


Rivet-Engine Plate


Grille Badge 'MG'


Grille Badge 'Austin'


Surround-Grille Badge


Grille Badge Austin Used


Surround-Grille Badge


Bonnet Badge 'Morris'


Chrome Surround-Bonnet Badge


Bonnet Badge 'Riley'


Badge/Lamp 'Wolseley' Used


Surround Badge/Lamp WOLSELEY


Hubcap badge 'MG'


Hubcap Badge 'Riley'


Badge-Boot Lid Austin


Badge-Boot Lid Cambridge


Badge-Boot Lid-Star


Badge-Boot Lid Morris Oxford


Badge-Boot Lid MG Magnette


Badge-Boot Riley "4/68" (Used)


Badge-Boot Riley "4/72" (Used)


Badge-Boot "Riley 4/72" Stainless Steel "Reproduction"


Badge-Boot Wolseley 15/60


Badge-Boot Wolseley 16/60 Used


Badge-Boot Lid Automatic