Prolong Oil Stabiliser 1 Litre

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Super Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer

Super Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer

Other oil stabilizers on the market do not include the necessary additives provided by today's motor oils such as antioxidants. When these oil stabilizer products are added instead of motor oil the engine is robbed of 20-25% of these vital additives. The formulation of Prolong Oil Stabilizer includes Prolong AFMT (Anti-Friction Metal Treatment) advanced technology as well as vital additives to provide a completely formulated oil stabilizer product which sets this product apart from the other competitors.

Use with confidence:

  • Non-corrosive antioxidant formula.
  • Will not void engine warranties.
  • Effective for both gas or diesel engines.
  • Compatible with petroleum or synthetic oils.
  • Helps prevent sludge and varnish deposits.

How To Use

Add to oil as follows: Regular Petrol engines Use 20% (whole 945ml bottle for average  4.5 ltr sump ). For badly worn engines use 40% (add approx 2 ltrs to sump)
Diesel engines (commercial - industrial - farm - fleet and marine) 20% by volume.
Manual Transmissions only differentials and gear boxes 20% by volume.
Motorcycles air compressors lawnmowers etc. - 20% by volume.