Strip-Centre Bonnet

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  • Austin A55 Mk 2
  • Austin A60

This product was originally manufactured in 'Masak' aka 'Monkey Metal' and rarely are they suitable to be re-chromed. This is because the bumps seen on original units are in fact bubbles and once the chrome has been stripped away you are left with a surface similar to the moon!

This Unique “spray-on” chrome finish consists of a layer of real silver metal deposited between two layers of paint duplicating the look and feel of real Chrome.

Just like traditional paint spraying the item is flattened, filled and repaired before applying an etch primer.

A specially formulated basecoat which offers maximum adhesion to the item is then applied while providing a high-gloss reactive surface to which the Silver metal bonds.

Two unique water-based Silver Metal solutions are sprayed at the same time through a specialized dual-nozzle spray gun. The solutions mix and the reaction creates a fine mist of real silver that deposits with a perfect mirror reflection over the entire base-coated surface.
Finally a clear, ultra-durable protective coating is applied over the entire reflective surface leaving you with a durable surface similar to that used on most modern alloy wheels!