Gearbox Reconditioning Service (4 Bearing)

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  • Austin A60
  • Morris Oxford 6
  • MG Magnette Mk 4
  • Riley 4/72
  • Wolseley 16/60

This is a reconditioning service and your old unit(s) will be required in advance.

This is a re-conditioning service on your own gearbox and will include all seals, gaskets, bearings, synchro rings, needle rollers, springs, balls & layshaft. (All standard wearing parts) - This does not include, forks, gears or laygear but until gearbox stripped and assesed this is an unknown quantity and we would advise you of any additional costs before proceeding.


Surcharge Notes:


Old units sent for exchange/Refund should be clearly labelled with your name, address, customer number (if known) and contact details. (A copy of the invoice the goods were supplied against will suffice!)


Overseas customers should mark parcels containing exchange items “Goods of U.K. origin returned for repair"


Safe transportation of these items is the senders responsibility and it is recommended a trackable carrier is used.


Components Used


D107A Synchro Ring 2nd Gear x 1
D107B Synchro Ring 3+4th Gear x 2
D510A Ball-Sliding Hub x 6
D510B Spring-Sliding Hub x 6
E024A Ball-Selector Shaft+Sliding Hub x 3
E024B Spring-Rod Locating Block x 3
E058 Rollers-1st Motion Shaft (Set 18) x 1
E181FA Layshaft-Late 4 Hole x 1
E181FB Needle Roller-Layshaft 4 Hole x 1
E360A Bush-Gearlever-Selector x 1
G040 Oil Seal-Clutch Housing x 1
G231G Gasket Set-Gearbox x 1
G473 Bearing-Gearbox Main Shaft x 1
G474 Bearing-1st Motion Shaft x 1
G923G Seal-Gear Box Rear-ID 49mm x 1