See L974W

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  • These are 12V 600 Lumen 30 x 4014 SMD LED Warm White 3000k Dual Filament Bulbs.
  • They will work with vehicles fitted with 12v or dual 6v batteries.
  • The bulbs are 42 mm long and brighter than the standard filament bulbs. They fill the lens with a lovely bright colour and have great contrast between the dual filaments.
  • These bulbs typically last up to 50,000 hours and are vibration resistant so no worries about having to replace them again anytime soon.
  • Suitable for many cars or motorcycles or applications that have the standard BAY15D P21/5W fitting.
  • If you are using these bulbs for indicators please note that LED bulbs do not draw enough current to trip a thermal indicator relay and will therefore not flash at the correct rate.  Please see L385B/C for relevant relay