Adapter Kit-Oil Filter Conversion

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  • Description

  • Austin A55 Mk 2
  • Austin A60 (early)
  • Morris Oxford 5
  • Morris Oxford 6 (early)
  • MG Magnette Mk 3
  • MG Magnette Mk 4 (early)
  • Riley 4/68
  • Riley 4/72 (early)
  • Wolseley 15/60
  • Wolseley 16/60 (early)

Note: - Many cars have had the oil filter head assemblies changed during their lifetime. If your vehicle is fitted with the later Tecalamit 45 degree head (see B033C) and the pipework runs low (B034AF) when it exits the engine please see B027F for an alternative conversion.

** LATEST - We have now manufactured a run of flexible hoses to replace the fixed copper pipe so this filter conversion can be used with all filter head options. Please see B034AZ

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