LED Flasher Unit - Indicators NEGATIVE Earth

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Must be used when fitting LED Indicator bulbs.

Negative Earthed Vehicles

These electronic relays will keep your flash rate constant and keep it standard even if the load on the circuit changes.  * Standard relays will not flash at the correct rate with LED bulbs. *

Suitable for many other classic or modern 12v cars or applications with standard filament/incandescent bulbs or LEDs or a mix of filament/incandescent bulbs and LED.

Compatible with most cars and bikes and suitable for indicators or hazards- not many electronic flashers have the OE clicking sound - these do.  Includes rubber mounting bracket.

Suitable replacement for 2 pin flasher or 3 pin with 49, 49a and P Connectors.  You will need to also connect the earth connection wire.


X = Live In (49)

L = Load (to indicator switch) (49a)

P = Pilot / Dash Indicator Warning (optional - not required for 2 pin configuration)

Black Lead - must be connected to a good earth