LED Flasher Unit - Indicators POSITIVE Earth

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Must be used when fitting LED Indicator bulbs.

** Positive Earthed Vehicles Only **

These electronic relays will keep your flash rate constant and keep it standard even if the load on the circuit changes.  * Standard relays will not flash at the correct rate with LED bulbs. *

Suitable for many other classic or modern 12v cars or applications with standard filament/incandescent bulbs or LEDs or a mix of filament/incandescent bulbs and LED.

Compatible with most cars and bikes and suitable for indicators or hazards- not many electronic flashers have the OE clicking sound - these do.  Includes rubber mounting bracket.

Suitable replacement for 2 pin flasher or 3 pin with 49, 49a and P Connectors.  You will need to also connect the earth connection wire.


X = Live In (49)

L = Load (to indicator switch) (49a)

P = Pilot / Dash Indicator Warning (optional - not required for 2 pin configuration)

Black Lead - must be connected to a good earth