HD4 Carburettor

HD4 Carburettor parts suitable for MG Magnette series 3, Series 4, Riley 4/68 and 4/72. (Twin carbs fitted as standard)

Carburettor Body Front HD4 Used


Carburettor Body Rear (HD4) Used


Rebuild Kit-Carburettor


Service Kit-Carburettor


Gasket Kit-Carburettor


Carburettor Sychronising Tool


Colortune Carburettor Mixture Tool


Fuel Hose-Carburettor to Carburettor


Banjo Bolt-Float Chamber


Fibre Washer-Banjo Unions + Dashpot


Jet Housing Assembly


Jet Housing Assembly




Jet Bearing Kit


Jet Spring


Screw-Needle Locating


Carb Needle (FU) Standard


Carb Needle (HB) Standard


Spring-Carburettor Piston


Screw-Piston Chamber


Chamber + Piston


Lift Pin Kit-Piston


Carburettor Set Reconditioned HD4 * Exchange *


Carburettor Set Reconditioned HD4 * Exchange *


Split Pin-Carburretor Links